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Chiropractic Care


If your pain has a musculoskeletal origin, we can detect & remove the source of what’s causing you discomfort. At Revitalize Integrated Body Systems, our expertise is in finding the cause of this pain. Our focused, hands-on approach aims at giving you immediate relief.

Chiropractic is designed to remove this pain complex. You feel good when pain is removed. At Revitalize Integrated Body Systems we specialize in finding the source of this pain complex & removing it; giving you relief. When stress is held in your body, tension is created causing pain. Would it surprise you to learn that your muscles may hold stress that push your vertebrae out of alignment?

Your body “learns” a muscle pattern. Chiropractic helps your body to “unlearn” stress & tension patterns that cause you pain.

Your initial appointment consists of a 60-90 minute evaluation to gather information about your current and past medical history, perform a physical exam, and refer for any necessary imaging or diagnostic tests. Your physical exam includes a postural assessment, gait analysis, biomechanical assessment, neuromuscular evaluation, muscle strength testing, muscle length testing, and joint mobility testing.

Based on the comprehensive data gathered, we recommend treatment only if we can provide you with the best possible outcome, otherwise we make a referral to another health care professional. In fact, we work closely with many of the Bay Areas top specialists and often co-manage patients.

Your 30-45-minute follow-up appointments include: soft tissue mobilization, muscle stretching, physical rehabilitation, and therapeutic modalities, in addition to joint mobilization and manipulation. To allow for a natural transition toward independence, the patient will assume an active role in their treatment by participating in an individualized home exercise program.

This comprehensive approach not only allows for faster resolution of pain, but provides the patient with long-term benefits, not just symptomatic relief.