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Meet The Staff

  • Kelly Prior
    Office Manager & Granter of Wishes

    Do right. Do your best. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

    Kelly was born and raised in the Bay Area, graduating from Foothill College with her AA in Psychology. After leaving school early, she decided it wasn't the field she wanted to pursue, and made it a mission to find jobs where she could enjoy the workday. Ultimately it was her positions working in the gym industry that were the most satisfying. Kelly really wanted to be part of a place where people come to feel better, and make a better version of themselves. She brings many years experience in customer service to our busy office and enjoys interacting with all of our Patients and Clients.

  • La'Ron Bennett
    Personal Trainer

    LaRon grew up moving around with his military family – giving him the opportunity to live in places like Japan, Alaska, and Texas before starting high school here in California.

    During high school, he was a 1st Team football player as well as a basketball player.

    He continued his football playing at Foothill College as the team captain, and earning his AA in Physical education. He then transferred to Utah State to pursue his Exercise Science degree (and play cornerback for theUniversity).

    After graduating, he returned to California to be near family and friends and start his career as a Personal Trainer. He has worked at many of the fitness establishments in the area, working in a variety of settings, with a variety of clientele, from kids to adults, from desk jockeys and weekend warriors to athletes.

    He still enjoys a good basketball game with his friends, watching his favorite CA sports teams (Lakers and Raiders), and spending time with his wife and kids!

    LaRon looks forward to helping everyone find a stronger version of themselves!

  • Hannah Clark
    Corrective Exercise Specialist and Athletic Trainer

    Hannah is a certified athletic trainer, a NASM-certified personal trainer,and a BIRTHFIT coach. Hannah brings a heavy background in corrective exercise and rehabilitation for both acute and chronic conditions to the R.I.B.S. team. For the past 5 years, she has worked with both D1 and D2 collegiate athletes, including 2 years at Stanford University. She also has training in dynamic neuromuscular stabilization techniques. More recently she found a passion for helping pre- and postpartum women prepare and train through birth.

    Hannah’s goal is to help her clients understand how their bodies move and to help correct movement dysfunctions through exercise!

  • Terry Higgins
    Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist

    Terry has a master’s degree in exercise physiology and a background in clinical, academic, commercial, and corporate physical conditioning. He started out as an athletic training at the University of Wisconsin, preventing, treating and rehabilitating athletic injuries. He also worked in their cardiac rehabilitation program as an exercise specialist.

    He taught classes such as running, strength training, volleyball, and tennis to undergraduates at the University of Arizona while working on his master’s degree. He has managed corporate fitness/wellness programs throughout the Bay Area and is a personal trainer at Stanford.

    Terry’s certifications included: corrective exercise specialist, myofascial release with the foam roller, worksite ergonomics, flexologist and medical exercise specialist (in progress). He enjoys road and mountain biking,hiking, tennis, and kayaking. His favorite piece of exercise equipment is the TRX suspension trainer due to its versatility. This is a valuable tool for people of all conditioning levels.

  • Stephanie Happe
    Foundation Training

    Stephanie Happe comes from a background in Dietetics but quickly found her passion working with special population exercise programs in 2011. Beginning with Stanford's Living Strong, Living Well, a program designed for those recovering from cancer treatment, she discovered that working with this group was challenging yet immensely rewarding.

    She began to focus on adaptive exercises for those with movement dysfunction due to chronic diseases. This path quickly lead to her involvement with many other special populations including those with arthritis, diabetes, dementia, auto-immune diseases, balance difficulties, and weight concerns.

    She believes proper posture, good balance, and a strong core are the building blocks of any effective fitness routine. Her goal is to create fun and effective programs to correct imbalances, help relieve chronic pain, and get you back to what you love to do!

  • Adam Sewell
    Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor

    Adam played soccer, tennis, rugby, field hockey and participated in swimming, track and field, and horseback riding. He also engaged in the martial arts, which he started at a very young age. Throughout his travels around the world, he continued emerging himself in martial arts, earning black belts in various styles. He had the pleasure of training with Billy Blanks in Tae Bo and Karate. He expanded his martial arts style fitness programs to include Tai Chi and Yoga. Adam’s original training in Yoga was Iyengar-based. He has also practiced Yoga with John McAfee, the controversial yoga guru and creator of McAfee software, at his Relational Yoga Mandiram in Colorado. He now holds a Chinese teaching certificate in Tai Chi and a 500-hour yoga teacher certification.

    Adam has been involved professionally in the wellness industry since 1990. He owned a wellness center in Colorado and he has written several fitness manuals.  He has trained various special populations including children, para-Olympic athletes and seniors.

    To stay fit, engaged and grounded, Adam enjoys horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, motorcycle riding, and world traveling.

  • Camilla Galvez
    Pilates Instructor

    Camilla is a Bay Area native who has been a fitness professional for over 7 years. After suffering a spinal injury during her time at UC Irvine, she found yoga and Pilates. She learned how to trust her body again and fell in love with the idea of healing through movement. Through these practices she was inspired to explore other modalities of nourishing the mind and body holistically. This lead to her continued education in: Psychology, Massage Therapy, Holistic Health Coaching, Reiki and Group Fitness. She completed her Comprehensive Pilates Training through Balanced Body University and is also certified in Personal Training, Barre, Yoga and Barefoot Training.

    As a first time mom, with a 1 year old daughter, Camilla is returning to the workforce with renewed passion and enthusiasm. As a stickler for proper form and body mechanics, she will ensure that your training is not only effective but also safe...and fun! She looks forward to meeting and working with the clients at RIBS.

  • Chelsea Nicole

    Chelsea started dancing at age three and professionally since age seven.  Dancing drove her life until she endured a tragic car accident and left with debilitating back and neck injuries.  

    Chelsea was in danger of not completing her degree and barely walking, until she mentioned this to one of her favorite ballet professors who owned a PIlates studio in Costa Mesa, CA and studied with Romana in New York.  After six months, she was feeling taller and more connected to her breath!

    Chelsea completed her classical PIlates certification after 18 months of workshops and 600 hours of observation and student teaching.  In that same year, she graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a BA in dance and a minor in Theater.  

    She relocated to the bay area and her first studio was Absolute Center in Lafayette, her PIlates home.  She established the foundation for her career and gained the heart and passion for Pilates!  During her duration of employment there for ten years, she attained seven additional certifications through Balanced Body University including; Barre, Core Align, Anatomy in Clay, Reconditioning Specialist and Master of the Mat.

    After giving birth to her son Oliver she went back to school and graduated with an MFA in Dance from Saint Mary's College in Moraga, CA. She was a Pilates Professor for the undergraduates and gained extensive knowledge in costume and lighting design. Eight years later Oliver's younger brother Owen was born, so between the two boys and work things are usually eventful!  Chelsea returned to work teaching Barre classes at UCSF and Menlo Park Dance Academy.

    She has always been a team player and is overjoyed with this new and exciting opportunity to join the team at Revitalize Integrated Body Systems!

  • Allen Ng
    Massage Therapy

    Allen graduated from National Holistic Institute of Massage Therapy and Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy. He also received his bachelor of science in Kinesiology at San Francisco State University. With over 4 years of massage experience, he loves applying his knowledge of the human body and functionality of movements to provide clients a highly personalized therapeutic massage

    Prior to becoming a certified neuromuscular massage therapist, Allen was a badminton coach for over 10 years and became interested in the field of healing through bodywork because he saw the chronic aches and pains that his athletes go through. Allen firmly believes that optimal physical wellness is achieved through a multi-faceted approach that balances prevention, strengthening, treatment, and nutrition

    Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”- David Richo

  • Sarah Hinojosa
    Massage Therapist

    Sarah is a Certified Massage Therapist & Health Educator. For most of her life she has lived in different parts of the Bay Area, but very rooted by her mother's Colombian culture, she has been visiting Colombia since she was a child. Sarah enjoys the little things in her independent lifestyle.  She likes to paint, go on long walks, meditate, dine out, and visit view tops.  

    Sarah began education at Evergreen Valley College then transferred to graduate from National Holistic Institute. She plans to continue educating herself long term.  

    Sarah’s passion is analyzing the human body through different modalities of massage, taking you through Range of Motion, Myofascial Therapies, Deep Tissue, and more. Her goal is to make physical change in her clients daily wellbeing.

  • Devon Smith
    Integrative Nutrition & Longevity

    Devon is a Holistic Health Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Plant-Based Nutrition Educator with an unrelenting passion for helping people to become their happiest and healthiest selves. At a young age, Devon began competitive dancing in all styles ranging from hip hop and jazz to ballet and tap, ultimately finding herself dancing upwards of 25 hours each week on both her competitive dance team and high school’s varsity dance team.  Amidst the pressure for perfection prevalent in the dance world, Devon fell victim to disordered eating many times throughout her dance career and eventually had to be hospitalized for Anorexia Nervosa.

    However, by college, Devon had broken out of the competitive dance culture and began a quest to find self-care practices that made her feel strong and capable as dance had but also granted her more freedom and less judgement.  This search led her to discover her love for yoga, which granted her the power of movement that dance had always promised but also encouraged self-care for the mind and spirit, rather than just for the body. By the young age of 19, Devon had graduated from her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training as a Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, ready to share her passion with others.  

    Devon graduated summa cum laude from The Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Particularly, Devon found interest in the fields of Positive Psychology, the science of happiness, and the Psychology of Behavior Change, a science that allowed her to assist others in becoming their best selves. By the age of 20, Devon had a booked schedule as a Wellness Coach in the Student Wellness Center, coaching other students through weight gain, breakups, time management, fitness, and more. By the age of 22, Devon had graduated from college, completed her schooling and certification in Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching, and had earned separate credits as a Plant-Based Nutrition Educator.  

    Today, Devon takes her long-held passions for mental well-being, the power of movement, and Positive Psychology and combines them with newer found passions for healthy and eco-friendly plant-based eating, natural living, and the science of longevity.

  • Katie Lawrence

    Katie is originally from Melbourne, Australia and has lived abroad in 4 cities across the world over the last 7 years before residing in the Bay Area.Her previous 10 year career as a Model Agent enabled her the privilege of working with Victoria’s Secret models which inadvertently lead her to discovering her immense appreciation for health and wellness.She herself had persistent hip pain and began doing Yoga and Pilates, where she found strength and healing. Whilst working full time, she began her trajectory on the wellness pathway by completing a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Works in Los Angeles. Fast forward 4 years and she is now also, a Certified Pilates Instructor (trained in the Balance Body Method across all apparatus), Health Coach and soon to be Functional Nutritionist.

    Given her academic background, she believes in assessing the whole picture when it comes to movement and her methods in training are holisticand all encompassing.

    When she isn’t in the studio she enjoys playing in the kitchen making delicious and healthy meals, as well as exploring the area’s best wine regions with her husband, and their dog Archie.