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Massage Therapists

  • Daniel Villeda
    Orthopedic Massage

    Orthopedic and Therapeutic Massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain. This massage technique is highly focused on a to-the-point approach. The focus is to identify the knots and to apply trigger point massage This type deep tissue massage is used to increase range of motion, decrease and manage pain and restore normal body movement and function. Education and certifications were received from the San Francisco School of Massage, World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts, and the California Massage Therapy Council.

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Rate: $150 per session

  • Rachael Abney

    Rachael is a Bay Area native, growing up in Redwood City. She is a lifelong believer in bodywork who started getting Massage for her birthdays starting at the age of 12, and is now passionate about helping others through Massage.

    She practices a variety of Massage, with her favorite and specialty being Deep Tissue. Rachael has been practicing the art of Massage for seven years, working both in Spa and Clinical environments. She currently likes spending her free time hiking and attending Hot Yoga classes.

  • Jimmy Ramil Jr., C.M.T.

    Born in San Francisco but raised in Seattle, I am certified massage therapist 5+ years. Former massage therapist at high end boutique spas, Burke Williams SF and Wine & Roses in Lodi. Over 25 years of  experience in client services and soon to be a graduate of Life West Chiropractic College with a doctorate in chiropractic. I have a culmination of experience that adds to my repertoire. I was raised in a medical family. My passion is to provide genuine and exceptional care to all my clients and soon to be patients. “Small steps toward health and wellness will add years to your life and more time to enjoy every moment.”

    Specialties: Swedish, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Sports, Shiatsu, Lymphatic