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Yoga Instructors

  • Adam Sewell

    As a child in school, on a daily basis, Adam played soccer, tennis, rugby, field hockey and also participated in swimming, track and field, barefoot cross country and many other sports including horse riding and the martial arts, which he started at a very young age.  

    Throughout his travels around the world, he continued in his martial arts training, earning black belts in various styles and holds a Chinese teaching certificate in Tai Chi and a 500-hour yoga teacher certification.

    Adam has been involved professionally in the wellness industry since 1990, once owned his own wellness center in Colorado and has written several fitness manuals.  He has trained various special populations including children, para-Olympic athletes and seniors.  Having spent many years training with Billy Blanks in TaeBo and Karate.

    Adam spent years focusing on martial arts style fitness programs. He has now gravitated to Tai Chi and Yoga for his own personal fitness/wellness training. Adam’s original training in Yoga came via strict Iyengar training but without the usual props commonly used in that style.  

    He has also practiced Yoga with John McAfee, the controversial yoga guru and creator of McAfee software at his Relational Yoga Mandiram in Colorado. 

    In his spare time, Adam enjoys horse riding, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, motorcycle riding, traveling worldwide and more.