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Massage Therapists

  • Daniel Villeda

    By partnering with clients and combining a wide range of modalities, he is able to customize a plan for each person combining massage and stretching techniques to address both short- and long-term goals.

    Short-term goals include relief of muscle tension, recovery from competition or muscle overuse, or simply relaxation. Long-term goals address more chronic problems such as movement restrictions due, and/or structural issues with goal of enjoying an active lifestyle.

    Education and Certifications:

    San Francisco School of Massage
    World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts
    California Massage Therapy Council

    Deep Tissue Therapy
    Trigger Point Therapy
    Sports Massage Therapy
    Advanced Stretching Work

  • Rachael Abney

    Rachael is a Bay Area native, growing up in Redwood City. She is a lifelong believer in bodywork who started getting Massage for her birthdays starting at the age of 12, and is now passionate about helping others through Massage.

    She practices a variety of Massage, with her favorite and specialty being Deep Tissue. Rachael has been practicing the art of Massage for seven years, working both in Spa and Clinical environments. She currently likes spending her free time hiking and attending Hot Yoga classes.